New Swell

A week of inspiration, teaching and discipleship that will challenge you to the very rubber soul of your booties!

Do you feel the wild call of God to live out your faith through surf ministry? Then “New Swell” is for you! “New Swell” is a week focused on equipping and empowering the young leaders of this great country to share the good news of Jesus to the surfing community! We will be learning about mission in sub-culture, faith in business within the context of the surf industry and what discipleship looks like down at your local! There will be barrels of laughs and fun along the way so if you love Jesus and surfing (in that order), lock yourself in ….

Up coming
What is New Swell
Up coming
Date: Sunday 2nd till Monday 10th December 2018
Location: Torquay Christian Fellowship, Torquay, VIC.
Cost: $380 – this includes accommodation, food, teaching and activities.
Travel: The cost does NOT include your travel cost. You will need to arrange your own travel to Vic. You will be picked up from the airport.
What is New Swell
New Swell 2016 was undeniably amazing.
To do life with 35 leaders from around Australia, who came with open hearts and minds, to learn and serve was truly inspiring. Each came with a different story and a different desire, but all of them came to give testimony to God and to seek Him throughout the week.
It’s never short of incredible to watch the relationships flourish during the week, and each can share the testimony of that.

“This week has been a fabulous experience of not only God, but of other such awesome young human beings going on to change the world.”
– Harrison Fulton (South Coast, NSW)

But, New Swell is more than just hanging out with a bunch of legends. New Swell is an opportunity for growth, for inspiration, for rest, for questions, for answers, for adventure, for filling up and for pouring out. New Swell is what YOU make it. That has become the beauty of this week…A week with a purpose to teach, through your own desire to learn and seek.

“This trip, God gave me the biggest hunger to learn how to be a better leader! And more importantly how much God actually loves us!”
– Tyler Vawser (Western Australia)

With legends from the Christian Surfers Australia Leadership Team, dishing up a full-blown display of servant leadership to the younger leaders, it really shows the heart of Christian Surfers, and winds it’s way into the flavour of the week, as everyone becomes servants of all who are there! Amidst the array of teachings the week offers, there’s always plenty of time for adventure and waves, which is always an important part of the week! From the Twelve Apostles, to snorkelling with seals, the crew were absolutely frothing to spend as much time together as possible, even if it meant cramming into buses and cars to travel to known and unknown destinations. A huge part of New Swell is taking the time to reflect on what you’ve just learnt or experienced, which allows each individual to really make the week their own adventure with God.

“Looking back on the week that was, it absolutely blew my mind!
Epic adventures, mates for life, answered prayers, full heart.”
– Kate Tasker (QLD)

New Swell 2017 is coming up fast and we’re expectant on God that this year is going to BIGGER than ever. With a fresh location in the deep southern land of Tasmania and lots of frothing fresh faces on the Goldy at National Gathering, we’re looking forward to see who God calls upon to join us for an amazing adventure with Him. Get your hearts ready, God is doing a new thing.

To register, you will need to chat with your Regional Coordinator, Mission Coordinator or email the New Swell team.
 Email the NS Team

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