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Christian Surfers Australia, in partnership with many other organisations, run a number of ‘Paddle Against Poverty‘ events around Australia each year. Each paddle is organised for a certain distance, with paddlers sponsored to raise money for a selected group, generally focusing on those struggling with poverty around the world. Check out an event near you…

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We’re full of thanks and smiles for what was an extraordinary day for our 17th Paddle Against Poverty!

All money raised goes such a long way towards helping so many that don’t enjoy safe drinking water, food and all the basic needs we take for granted through Compassion Australia and Project Purpose – Waves For Water.

With 95 paddlers this year we’ve so far raised just over $7,000, which includes the massive efforts of two paddlers who each raised almost $1000 each! Wonderful effort!

Donations are still being accepted below.

All in all, we are super proud of everyone that partook in the 17th Paddle Against Poverty and again wish to share our many thanks and blessings to each and every one of you.

See you all in 2018!

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Use your surfing to help others. Join in with North Wollongong Christian Surfers as they raise ongoing sponsorship in the education of five children with Compassion (Philippines, Indonesia, Kenya) and contribute thousands more dollars towards unsponsored children the world over. All cash donations will go to Project Purpose – Waves for Water.

Anyone who wants to have a go, as long as they are of high school age (with permission) and above. Younger participants are able to paddle with direct parental supervision. We have had age ranges from 10 to 60 in previous paddles.

Stay tuned for the 2018 date!

Secure a rescue or racing board, stand-up paddle board or surf ski/kayak. Rubber Duckie and jet-ski support, along with larger boats, will accompany us and paddlers can rest on board. A support vehicle on land will be available driving alongside and paddlers can exit the water at any point. Mobile phone contact is maintained throughout.

Access a board or ski (contact your local SLSC via a member). On the day bring sunscreen; food and water; rash shirt or light wetsuit (a full steamer will likely be far too warm!). A BBQ lunch will be provided at completion on the beach.

If you are under 18 you will need to have a parent or guardian sign a waiver. Waivers will be available on the morning, but if your parent or guardian is not dropping you off, please make sure you download and print the waiver and have it signed and with you or you will not be able to paddle. Download the waiver here.

Here’s a helpful checklist:

  • Wetsuit or rash vest (it can get cold, but that water is really warm right now!)
  • Water and snacks (to store on the boats and consume in the water, yum!)
  • Sunscreen (even if it’s raining!)
  • Goggles (we’re serious, consider bringing some!)
  • All cash donations (must be collected when you sign in!)
  • Signed waiver form (if you’re under 18 this is a must!)

Please contact Aaron Hughes on or 0403672452 if you have any questions at all.

How to Raise Sponsorship

Aim to raise a minimum of $100 sponsorship – though the sky’s the limit! Raise sponsorship by signing up with Everyday Hero and raising funds online, instructions are below. You may also raise sponsorship by self-funding but all cash must be collected on the morning of the paddle – no exceptions. Make any cheques payable to ‘Christian Surfers’.

Instructions for signing up with Everyday Hero:

We know it can be confusing to sign up but we appreciate your effort! Contact us if you have any trouble signing up.

Donate to Paddle Against Poverty Wollongong 2017

Check out our Sponsors
Thank you to those that make the paddle happen: