Old Salts Movement

Do you remember a time before the thruster? Maybe when a cutback was a trick? When Brett Davis had hair? Or you actually enjoyed sleeping in a board bag? You may also remember some crazy times you spent and awesome people met in Christian Surfers Australia. You might be interested in CS Old Salts.

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Who we are
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Who we are
Old Salts is a initiative to reconnect with and hang out with former CS leaders and members. As much as CS is about looking for the younger generation to step up to leadership, we also want to retain and support our past leadership in appropriate ways. God is certainly on the move in Christian Surfers and we would like you to still feel part of this!

As some of you may know, BD is moving sideways from the CS international director role to a Founder/Advisor role. Roy Harley from South Africa is stepping in. BD writes “I am stoked to be helping initiate the ‘Old Salts’ gathering our family of past leaders and members. Some may have stumbled and fallen along the way and could do with some encouragement. Some are pressing on with little time to spare, but would like to be aware of what CS is doing and possibly reconnect in small way. Others still have a passion for this ministry and would like to be considered advocates for CS. Whatever your situation, ‘Old Salts’ is for you and I personally want to help you out.”

In the same way that Christian Surfers works on a broader level, Old Salts will operate on both a local and global level. It will be culturally flavoured, shaped and driven through our national bodies. However, it will also benefit from the international CS network and family.

‘Old Salts’ has four opportunities.

  1. You will find all OS updates, camp info and old school photos (what’s not to love about old school surf fashion and memories) see https://www.facebook.com/CSAustraliaoldsalts/
  2. Quarterly email update of current CS activity.
  3. Regional reunion events
  4. Annual regional and national surf and exposure trip.

All of this is to help you reconnect, wherever you’re at in life and with whatever you are able to share. So, no matter how ‘old’ a salt you are, men or women, long time or short time ago, you can reach our and connect – hopefully without throwing your back out.

OS regional contacts

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