Starting a CS Movement

Being involved in Christian Surfers is like being a part of a large family. CSA is structured so like minded surfers can live out & share Jesus with their local surfing community. CSA provides a structure so you can run events and get known at your local beach. Being a part of CSA you will also have the opportunities for: Leadership courses, Short Term Mission Trips, Paddle Against Poverty events, Chaplaincy opportunities + a lot more…

Because CSA is spread all around Australia, accountability is an important aspect for us. Ways we keep REAL with our walk with God & staying connected with body of CSA, are:

  • Individually accountability: Each leader needs to be apart of a local church. Every year they need to get their Pastor/Youth Pastor to sign their CSA Leadership form saying they are who they say they are.
  • Accountability within CSA: Each mission is under the support & accountable to their Regional Coordinator. Within each mission, a mission coordinator is appointed, this person is in communication with the regional coordinator throughout the year. Each mission is expected to attend leaders attacks, regional camps & if possible, attend the CSA National Gathering.

So, Why does CSA exist… Our vision is:   

Our Objectives are: 
1. To Live out the gospel. To reflect & to declare Jesus in the Aussie surf culture. Mission encompasses every aspect of who we are as people & as an organization.
2. To promote a counter-cultural surfing environment with positive role models & effective mentoring.
3. To bridge the local Christian community & the beach by offering specialist resources & personnel, & to empower Jesus followers through surf mission.
4. To change the world – by faith, prayer & action.

Running a Mission
Running a mission is one way you can get together with like minded people to reach your local surf break with the Gospel of Jesus.  

If you feel that God is calling you at start a CSA mission in your local area, here are the steps to get you on your way:

  • Pray: Spend time with God seeking his thoughts and direction.
  • Chat with others around you; friends, family, your church, other CS crew, other surfers who might be interested in joining you.
  • Have a read through the Mission Essentials (Establishing your Mission, Concept of a core group, developing a local program & A Challenge to all Surfers)
  • Agree with the CSA Statement of Faith
  • If you are still feeling lead, contact the Regional Coordinator within your region Regions They would love to chat with you, they will set up a meeting with you to start the awesome journey of being a part of this world wide movement of Sharing the Gospel of Jesus to our family, friends and the surfing community.