NG Speaker

Mark 'Johno' Johnstone, Chairman of the CSA Board

This year we are so very blessed and honoured to have Johno as our NG speaker. Not only has Johno served on the CSA Board for the past three years he was also the Vicco RC from 2001 to 2006. Prior to working with CS, Johno and his lovely wife Lena, served as youth pastors at The Wave church in Ocean Grove, and more recently they have been on mission in Malawi, and currently Johno serves as the senior pastor at The Wave church.

Johno doesn’t get out in the water much any more because he is too afraid of sharks, and dolphins, and pretty much anything that might be in the water. This being said, Johnos passion for the surfers of Australia and this mission have continued throughout the years. We look forward to hearing from him this Easter.

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