Every surfer in every surfing community having the opportunity to know and follow Jesus

CSA caters for all surfers, standup, body-board, girls, mals, grommets, pro-surfers, whatever! We get stoked by serving other Aussie surfers – from the youngest cheekiest grom to the crustiest old salt – by living out the crazy-good news that eternal life is a free gift for all who want it through this bloke called Jesus; and also by helping them see that whilst life isn’t always easy, it’s good. So how can we do that then? Running camps, day-trips, comps and bible-studies/club nights. Somewhere very near you Providing a surfing environment with positive & encouraging role models for young crew to look up too.
Connecting with our local boardriders and the beach scene wherever we live Bridging the beach and the local churches Helping others through charity events and cross-cultural mission projects (in eg Indo, Samoa, Sri Lanka…wherever there’s need) Supporting the pro-surfing scene with accommodation anywhere in Australia, and offering a chaplaincy service in times of need. There’s 40+ CS ‘missions’ around Australia. If there isn’t one at your beach yet there soon will be! Hit up your nearest CS contact, and we’ll see ya there!
So…what are you waiting for?! This is your official invitation to get involved!!!

Join the Movement

CSA has a number of missions all around Australia serving the surfing community. Every mission is somewhat different, but all serve the same purpose.
The most common activities that CSA runs are day trips, surf comps, movie nights, camps, and weekly meeting. Below, you will be able to find your state and look for a mission close to you.

Old Salts Movement

Girls Movement

Starting a CS Movement


Northern NSW – Tweed to Foster

Central NSW – Nelson Bay to Cronulla

Southern NSW – Stanwell Park to Eden

Vic / Tassie

South Australia

Western Australia

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