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Leadership form

CSA Leadership has changed. We have tried to make it easier but at the same time, we needed to make a few changes to protect not only our leaders but the people would come along to our missions events.

To become a leader, you need to talk with your Mission Coordinator, Regional Coordinator or contact Kath in the National Office, contact form below:


Mission/Hub Helper form

This is someone not in Leadership but loves helping out at a CSA mission when they can.
PLEASE NOTE: A helper will need a ‘Working with Children’ number.

If you have any questions, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Longevity in Ministry

In CS, our heart is that we have long longevity. Here is a short video from BD (founder of CSA) taking about Longevity in Ministry. A must for all CSA leaders to watch.


Mission Affiliation 

Each year, your mission needs to complete the Mission Affiliation online application. This is vital information to help CSA have an understanding of what is going on across CS in Australia.

CSA offers its missions Liability Cover. To access this, each mission needs to complete the Mission Affiliation form and pay the fee. The fee for an existing mission is $550. For a new mission starting, it is $250. Each mission will need to raise this money, there are a number of ways you can do this, eg. BBQ at their church, start a crowdfunding page etc. This will be invoiced once we have received your online form.

Insurance payment plan
If you would like to set up a payment plan, please fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

How do you view your mission

A excellent short video to watch with your leadership team. What structure is your mission set up like? A excellent short video for BD taking about the Hub vs Club structure.

CS Foundation training

Foundations Training is an induction course into our culture as a global movement, our core values as a mission and the DNA of Christian Surfers. Whether you are a seasoned leader within Christian Surfers refreshing your training, or brand new to our movement, we hope the 8 videos in this series will better equip you to create opportunities for every surfer to know and follow Jesus.

This is an excellent resource to work through with your leadership team.

Working with Children

All CSA Leaders and CSA Helpers will need to have a current ‘Working with Children’ number. If you don’t have this, please head to your state requirements & work through the procedure.

You won’t be able to process within Leadership or Membership Helper without one.

QLD – working with children
NSW – working with children
Vico – working with children
Tassie – working with children
SA – working with children
WA – working with children

Useful links

Senior First Aid
If no one in your core group has their Senior First Aid/Provide advanced first aid. We recommend you book in with your State Surf Lifesaving. They run a number of First Aid courses throughout the year – Find your Surf Lifesaving State – click here
Please note: First Aid is current for 3 years. CPR is only current for 1 year.

Mission First Aid Kits
We strong recommend R2 Sports Action First Aid Kit from Surf Lifesaving – Buy Here

Beach Safe
Beachsafe includes information about location, facilities, weather conditions and lifesaving services for all Australian beaches – Click Here

Surf Rescue
Surf Rescue courses are available for free in some states through Surfing Australia. For more information on these courses click on your state.

Current Leaders page

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