Surfers are adventurous by nature, willing to explore, take on the extreme and be real and authentic in doing so. We aim to focus this strong and very intentional people group in following and serving Jesus



Permission to do things differently, creatively and with strength and passion


Christlike in our words and actions


  • Love God

  • Love People

  • Love Surfing

Seeking God before we move:

To be known as a people of prayer

Servant Leadership:

A foundation stone of CSA to follow Christs  Example of leading by example with a servant heart


Embracing the whole culture, without compromising who God has called us to be

CSA Statement of Faith


We are created in God’s image but fall short of His perfection. We earn death and eternal separation from God through our sin. We cannot by our own efforts make ourselves acceptable to God.


It is totally God and nothing we do that enables us to be made right with Him. The only path to freedom is to have faith in Jesus alone for our salvation. As soon as we trust Jesus as Lord and saviour we are made right in God’s sight and assured of our salvation.


All people saved by Jesus for the Church. He is our head. We exist to glorify God through constant worship, fellowship and mission.


Jesus commands us as an extension of His love to make disciples of all people by leading them to salvation and encouraging them to live according to God’s ways. This requires all worldly and personal ambitions be subservient to Him. This alone is true discipleship.


There is one God – creator of all things. He exists as three persons: Father, Son and Spirit. All are equal all are God.


The initiator of all God’s plans whose character is both loving and just.


God’s only son, born into this world as fully God and fully man. Jesus lived a sinless life died on the cross and rose from the dead making a once-for-all payment for our sin. He is our substitute taking the punishment we deserve. Jesus will return again to earth to complete God’s plan for salvation. We receive true and total forgiveness by turning to Him in faith.


The Spirit lives within us as we put our faith in Jesus, and gives us an ability to understand the Bible and its message of undeserved forgiveness. He empowers us with spiritual gifts that build up the church and enables us to reflect God’s glory as we are transformed into His likeness.


The bedrock of our faith is the Bible. We believe it is God’s authoritative word inspired by the Spirit.