Q. Where do you live & what's your local surf break / community?

I live on Phillip Island off the coast of south east Victoria. My favourite place to surf here is woolamai!

Q. Any recent significant relationship / family news?

Our little family of two will soon be three as Ash is expecting in October! We are super pumped to meet our new little one!

Q. What do you love about being a Regional Coordinator in CS?

I love to empower people to follow their calling into surf mission and to have creative control around what that looks like in their leadership.

Q. How have you grown as a leader in your time within CS?

Well I’ve been in CS for 20 years so it’s fair to say most of my growth can be attributed to my time in CS. But I think I have learnt the importance of not putting the ways we relate to God in a box of “This is how you do it” God is the creator of the wind and waves he’s big and wild and beautifully unpredictable. Our expression of him should be the same!

Q. What importance do you place on leadership within CS in your region?

Leadership is the steering forward of whatever movement of Gods kingdom in our Region God has in trusted to us. In Vicco we celebrate strong leaders and empower those who feel called to walk out a leadership journey. 

Q. What challenges do you face in your role?

Often not having enough leaders with heaps of time up their sleeves can be a challenge. Our society has so much going on so we have some amazing leaders but sometimes they can be spread thinly as there is only so much you can do and only so much time you can do it in!

Q. What are your current hopes and dreams for 2019 and beyond? 

My hope this year is to strengthen our existing missions and raise up new young leaders that can keep these missions healthy for the next season.

Q. For those that would like to support you and your role - what do you need and how would their support make a difference? 

Thanks to the generosity of many friends and family I am currently financially released in my role 1.5 days a week.

I feel if I could increase that support to 2 days per week which is approximately $500 support increase a month I would have further capacity to give the time and attention in needs and also cover some of the travel costs. 


If you’d like to connect more with Lucas about supporting CS Vic pls contact:

Email: lucas@christiansurfers.org.au

Phone: 0421 662 320