I’m a new leader (started in 2018) in Christian Surfers at Stanwell Park NSW. It’s so good. Me and the 8 other leaders are like a little family minus the parents - so it’s always fun. But we keep it real. Being accountable, God centred and loving, are a few things that we aim to do as CS leaders - on Wednesday nights when a million high energy gromits show up - and in our normal lives. 

I heard about National Gathering and got hyped. Pretty much hoping for a bunch of people who liked to do the same things as me and live for the same King as me - I wasn’t let down. I made friends for life! From all over Australia! The crew on it was like this: chill, loving, welcoming, encouraging, and all the other good things that God blesses us with as we follow in his plan.

This mountain-top experience was made complete by the love and community that everyone shared, the challenging and highly emotive talks by Jono, and the waves, but most of all Gods clear presence - He did incredible things in Philip Island that weekend. Ask someone who went and they will surely tell you of something amazing. 

I was able to take all the love and joy I experienced and bring it back to my fellow leaders who couldn’t make it, and all the grommies who come every week to CS. 

There’s every reason to make CS national gathering 2020! Yewwwww

- Blake (Stanwell Park)