Q+A with Gayle Renzenbrink

1. Who are you, and where are you from?


Hi I'm Gayle Renzenbrink and I come from the fisherman's flats of Queenscliff, Victoria.

2. How did you first get involved in Christian Surfers, and what is your role now?

I first got involved in Christian Surfers over 20 years ago when Mark Johnstone invited me into the core group for Victoria/Tasmania. Currently my role is WSL Women's Longboard Chaplain. In this role I have learnt to preach the Gospel and use as few words as possible!  

3. How has Christian Surfers made a difference in your life?

CS has made a difference in my life because I've experienced people being inclusive, encouraging, supportive and loving to all. 

4. What do you value about CS Girls?

I value Christian Surfers Girls genuine love of life and how happy they are whether in the surf or elsewhere. I love being a Christian Surfer Girl and I will always value being apart of Christian Surfers.

5. What would you say, to encourage girls who are keen to be involved in Christian Surfers?
If you’re a girl who is keen to join CS Girls just go along and see for yourself how friendly it is and how much fun it is to surf with girls who love the waves.