Q + A with Claudia Johnston

Who are you, and where are you from?

Claudia Johnston. From Avoca, Central Coast though moved to Currumbin, Gold Coast four years ago.


How did you first get involved in Christian Surfers, and what is your role now?

I first became involved in Christian Surfers through beginning a CS family in Kingscliff North NSW, along with two other friends. We all had the same passion to use our love for surfing to spread the word of God and CS provided us with great support and network to make that happen.

Now, I have migrated 30 minutes North to the CS Gold Coast family, which have also become a big part of my life.


I am also a Christian Surfer Girls Instagram contributor, which provides the best platform to draw in and speak to girls all around the world. I am very grateful for that opportunity.


How has Christian Surfers made a difference in your life?

The Christian Surfers Community I am now apart of have taken me in so openly and lovingly. Through the kindness of all members, I have truly felt Gods spirit speak to me and hold me accountable to seeking truth. As a surfer, His Divine presence surrounds me in the ocean and being a part of a community which celebrates that alongside me, I have seen how easy it is to use surfing as an opportunity to show others love and light.


What do you value about CS Girls?

CS Girls has really helped me to mentor and be mentored. As a 19 y/o, I have truly valued and loved speaking to, adventuring with, and hearing the words of the other female leaders and surfers in CS. The characteristics of Christ shine through the hearts of the all the girls who I have met. And wisdom, She is shared and seen through the interactions, devotions and words shared by the beautiful CS female leaders, which I appreciate.


What would you say, to encourage girls who are keen to be involved in Christian Surfers?

If there are any girls out there who are considering joining the CS Family, know that the community will love and cherish you, build you to be a better Christian, and make your surfs much more fun! And we can unite together to spread the love of God to all the other surfy souls who have not yet found Him.