This was my first national gathering and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I only started Christian surfers this year thanks to my friend Hannah who dragged me along one Sunday morning which turned into every Sunday morning and managed to drag me to Phillip island too. I felt a pull to go to Phillip island for gathering even though I didn’t know much about gathering or God I just had this feeling. I knew going to national gathering would change me but not to this extent. On the last night of gathering and the last night session, I went outside with a couple of friends as they helped me pray and tell God I’m ready for him to lead me to a new place and build my life. I trusted in him and was excited to start this new journey with him. Not only was it so good to get to know and love god but with amazing people who immediately turned into beautiful life long friends. A community, a family. It’s people like this that I want to surround my self with, they made me realise who I truely am. I can’t thank everyone enough for welcoming me into the CS family. So thank you!


I’ve always been surrounded by Christians. I’ve been blessed to grow up in a Christian household with two loving parents who are both devout and passionate about God. But despite the saying the apple never falls far from the tree, I guess I managed to prove it wrong. You see despite being having the path to God before me, clearly paved and in place, I chose a road far more frequently traveled. I chose to walk a path I thought would lead me best. 

Life has a unique way of cutting fairytales short. Like getting tape jammed in VCR, my once smooth sailing film no longer wanted to play. My once self dictated path to fulfillment, had met its end. The cause of this disruption. Christian surfers. Despite both being two major parts of my life, surfing, and Christ, I had never made the link between the two. In hindsight, I am forever thankful to God for working through Christian surfer, to guide me back to God.

Christian surfers national gathering this year was another huge step in my journey with Christ. Taking place on Phillip Island in Victoria, myself alongside 150 or so other long-haired yahoos, gathered to worship our creator and relish in the unreal waves he produced for us. Whilst I could ramble about the hollow slabs and hand numbing beach breaks for some time, I think what is more important is the work that God did in my life. 

National gathering not only stirred my heart but also opened my eyes to the community of surfers from all walks of life, who shared the common passion to worship and know God. This, alongside the immense amount of love and kindness I felt was shown by every Christian surfer, made me realize how God works through each and every one of us.

Easter Sunday came around and this was probably shaping up to be one of the biggest days of my life. I was already feeling emotional waking up that morning, seeing how the past few days had rattled me spiritually. So of course, when I decided that that day was the day for me to get baptized and wear the Jesus jersey, there were, of course, some waterworks. Thankfully I was able to pin the blame on the salt water.

So where to go from here, Now that CS gathering is behind me and I’ve found a renewed love for Christ? I think its a battle each and every day. A spiritual battle that we can only win with the creator f the universe on our side. One in which I feel ready to face, with the confidence that those who have faith in Christ, have their names written in the kingdom of heaven.

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North NSW Crew at NG19

North NSW Crew at NG19