THE VISION GAP (Support Your Tribe 2019)

Last week I climbed a ladder at my mum's house with the aim of cleaning out her gutters. Her house is on a slope so, at one end, it was easy going but the further along I went, the harder it was to postion the ladder so I could reach the roof. The last section of guttering proved impossible because, no matter how I positioned the ladder, I could not bridge the gap. I needed help.  

Sometimes in the offices of CSA we feel a bit like I did that day. We have so much we want to achieve and we can see the task at hand but, because of funding or circumstance, we just can't bridge the gap between our vision 'to share the good news of Jesus with surfers across Australia' and our capabilities. 

But we're optimistic because we know that, for God, anything and everything is possible.

Dawn service & paddle out - Easter 2019 National Gathering

Dawn service & paddle out - Easter 2019 National Gathering

Our annual Support Your Tribe fundraiser kicks off this week with excitement and hope. We already have so much to be thankful for.

  • CSA currently has 22 mission hubs covering multiple surf communities and reaching hundreds of surfers every week.

  • CSA has 121 active mission leaders, trained and supported by 8 regional coordinators and a National Director.

  • 277 tribe members have joined this year alone.

But the mission field is large.

  • Along 36,000 km of coastline, on 12,000 beaches, there are 218 boardriders clubs that have more than 20,000 local members.

  • Approx 420,000 people surf in Australia at least once a year.

So, while our existing hubs are doing an amazing work serving their local communities and seeing lives transformed, there are obvious gaps. 

  • For every 1 CS leader, there's 163 surfers that are members of a boardriders club.

  • For every 1 CS mission hub, there's 10 boardriders clubs.

  • For every 1 CS leader, there's 3,442 regular surfers and 20,491 recreational surfers.

So, it goes without saying, we need your help to bridge the gaps. 

  • Please pray for Support Your Tribe as we aim to raise vital funds for the work and future of CSA.

  • Please prayerfully consider what you can donate this month.

Help us see the gaps closed with thriving mission hubs in more locations. Help us to train and support developing leaders, and support our existing staff to ensure longevity and effectiveness. 

This is God's work. Let's fund it properly. Let this be the month you decide to partner with CSA and, together, let's let the world know who Jesus is and what a difference he can make.

Let's support this mighty tribe. Let's let the surfing community know that Jesus has come FOR THEM.

From all the CSA family, thank you so much to all who give generously.

May God bless you richly.


Q. Where do you live & what's your local surf break / community?

Port Macquarie – North Shelly 


Q. Any recent significant relationship / family news?

Beth has started work again this year coming off maternity leave with Hazel. She has started in a new role at our local GP practice and is working casually in emergency. Also, for the last year I have been working in the community adolescent mental health team here in Port covering a maternity leave position and at this stage it’s looking like I will be staying on in this role. It’s been such a blessing working normal hours mon – fri and such a great opportunity working with some of the most vulnerable and at risk teens in my local community.


Q. What do you love about being a Regional Coordinator in CS?

I love being a part of the National Team. Also being in a position to empower other leaders and encouraging them to serve in their surfing communities as they live out their lives striving to walk as Jesus did gets me pretty pumped.  


Q. How have you grown as a leader in your time within CS?

I have learnt the importance of putting my family first in ministry and amongst the business of work, family and CS the importance of keeping God first, because without him it’s all just my own silly ideas and effort – a lot less effective and a lot harder. 


Q. What importance do you place on leadership within CS in your region?

Leadership on a local level is so important, without solid leaders investing into their local surf communities/churches , effective local missions don’t exist. This year a big focus has been on the importance of Godly character as leaders, just not gifting and personality. 


Q. What challenges do you face in your role?

Trying to manage family, full time work, local and regional CS and trying to fit in the odd surf/fish gets challenging at times. Also having enough time and financial support to travel to other missions and staff attacks can be difficult. Another big challenge for us locally and as a region has been finding enough leaders that are willing to step up and lead/serve in their local surfing communities alongside CS.


Q. What are your current hopes and dreams for 2019 and beyond? 

We are hoping and praying for God to raise up Godly leaders to step in to existing missions/ starting new missions throughout the region. Hoping to see missions started up in Bonny Hills, Lennox and Kingscliff in the not too distant future. 


Q. For those that would like to support you and your role - what do you need and how would their support make a difference? 

Receiving more financial support would make a massive difference in enabling us to visit leaders within our region, attending National staff attack meetings and for general regional expenses eg trailer rego, regional camp, leaders training weekends etc. At this stage we are hoping for $250/ month into the regional account.


If you’d like to connect more with Nato about supporting CS Nth NSW pls contact:

Email: natoandbeth@christiansurfers.org.au

Phone: 0401 219 409


When I was first told the theme of conference (Own it) I took some time to think about how this looks. The three topics that came out of my pondering on “Own it” were

Beginnings: both CS and personal

Simple Gospel

I will go

I wanted to focus intentionally on the beginnings of our personal faith as Easter is a great time to reflect on this. The beginnings of CS in Australia is a great testimony of God stirring a small group of late teens to embark out to form CS. The desire is wonderful and truly inspiring. Today CS is an international movement. ‘Every surfer in every surfing community has the opportunity to know and follow Jesus.’

My second session was about the simple gospel, about being aware of a changing environment here in Australia, where society might be preaching a message of the irrelevance of Christianity but individually people are seeking, many knowing that there must be ‘more than this’. I challenged us to not be intimidated by culture but to come back sharing the simplicity of the gospel and stripping away the superficial.

My last session, ‘I will go’ really looked at not allowing our circumstances to prevent us sharing the gospel but rather seeing the importance of our daily lives in providing opportunities to share the love of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For me the Sunday dawn service and baptisms were a highlight and such a powerful proclamation.

Bless ya. Mark J.

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 11.16.02 am.png


This was my first national gathering and it was one of the best things I’ve ever done. I only started Christian surfers this year thanks to my friend Hannah who dragged me along one Sunday morning which turned into every Sunday morning and managed to drag me to Phillip island too. I felt a pull to go to Phillip island for gathering even though I didn’t know much about gathering or God I just had this feeling. I knew going to national gathering would change me but not to this extent. On the last night of gathering and the last night session, I went outside with a couple of friends as they helped me pray and tell God I’m ready for him to lead me to a new place and build my life. I trusted in him and was excited to start this new journey with him. Not only was it so good to get to know and love god but with amazing people who immediately turned into beautiful life long friends. A community, a family. It’s people like this that I want to surround my self with, they made me realise who I truely am. I can’t thank everyone enough for welcoming me into the CS family. So thank you!


I’ve always been surrounded by Christians. I’ve been blessed to grow up in a Christian household with two loving parents who are both devout and passionate about God. But despite the saying the apple never falls far from the tree, I guess I managed to prove it wrong. You see despite being having the path to God before me, clearly paved and in place, I chose a road far more frequently traveled. I chose to walk a path I thought would lead me best. 

Life has a unique way of cutting fairytales short. Like getting tape jammed in VCR, my once smooth sailing film no longer wanted to play. My once self dictated path to fulfillment, had met its end. The cause of this disruption. Christian surfers. Despite both being two major parts of my life, surfing, and Christ, I had never made the link between the two. In hindsight, I am forever thankful to God for working through Christian surfer, to guide me back to God.

Christian surfers national gathering this year was another huge step in my journey with Christ. Taking place on Phillip Island in Victoria, myself alongside 150 or so other long-haired yahoos, gathered to worship our creator and relish in the unreal waves he produced for us. Whilst I could ramble about the hollow slabs and hand numbing beach breaks for some time, I think what is more important is the work that God did in my life. 

National gathering not only stirred my heart but also opened my eyes to the community of surfers from all walks of life, who shared the common passion to worship and know God. This, alongside the immense amount of love and kindness I felt was shown by every Christian surfer, made me realize how God works through each and every one of us.

Easter Sunday came around and this was probably shaping up to be one of the biggest days of my life. I was already feeling emotional waking up that morning, seeing how the past few days had rattled me spiritually. So of course, when I decided that that day was the day for me to get baptized and wear the Jesus jersey, there were, of course, some waterworks. Thankfully I was able to pin the blame on the salt water.

So where to go from here, Now that CS gathering is behind me and I’ve found a renewed love for Christ? I think its a battle each and every day. A spiritual battle that we can only win with the creator f the universe on our side. One in which I feel ready to face, with the confidence that those who have faith in Christ, have their names written in the kingdom of heaven.

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North NSW Crew at NG19

North NSW Crew at NG19