Q. Where do you live & what's your local surf break / community?

We live at Lauderdale, Tasmania which is about 20 minutes out of Hobart and we have several local surf breaks close by down at South Arm.

Q. Any recent significant relationship / family news?

Recent family news is that Alex has been chronically sick for the past 8 months but in the last couple of weeks we've seen a massive  improvement, Praise God! 

Q. What do you love about being a Regional Coordinator in CS?

What we love about being Regional Coordinators is honestly doing life with our leaders, seeing them get creative and really own and enjoy their roles. It's a huge encouragement to witness this region grow in the nearly two years living here. Being part of the National Team is another highlight of our role as we are constantly learning from the big guns  and actually get super pumped for staff meetings... who would've thought this possible aye!

Q. How have you grown as a leader in your time within CS?

How I (Brad) have grown as a leader in CS has definitely been through the friendship of CS leaders who have simply believed, discipled and empowered me to lead in different scenarios and opportunities.

Q. What importance do you place on leadership within CS in your region?

I see leadership within CS Tassie to be super important as they represent Jesus and what Jesus has to offer to the surfing community. The culture of CSA was founded upon servant leadership and seeking God, so sharing these values is a must in our team.

Q. What challenges do you face in your role?

Tassie has a small population and an even smaller surfing population that is very spread out so pulling in crew is a challenge. Also our major surfing locations are a good drive away from anywhere so we spend a fair bit on fuel. I guess flying to Staff Attacks and other events related to the role can be a bit pricey but is always worth every dollar spent. 

Q. What are your current hopes and dreams for 2019 and beyond? 

Ambitions for 2019 include going north, scoping out the scene up there for CS and connecting with crew. On a personal level, we are frugally saving for a home by the sea where we can be planted in and invest in the surfing community. Next year I'll be studying part-time teaching and beyond that, lots of babies...

Q. For those that would like to support you and your role - what do you need and how would their support make a difference? 

I'm currently working 4 days a week as a Teachers Aide, and my 5th day I volunteer up to smash out CS work. For those who can and would like to support us an extra $185 a week would enable me to cover costs of fuel, get to meetings whilst also giving us a day of paid work for CS.


If you’d like to connect more with Brad & Alex about supporting CS Tas pls contact:

Email: brad@christiansurfers.org.au

Phone: 0499 774 070


When I was first told the theme of conference (Own it) I took some time to think about how this looks. The three topics that came out of my pondering on “Own it” were

Beginnings: both CS and personal

Simple Gospel

I will go

I wanted to focus intentionally on the beginnings of our personal faith as Easter is a great time to reflect on this. The beginnings of CS in Australia is a great testimony of God stirring a small group of late teens to embark out to form CS. The desire is wonderful and truly inspiring. Today CS is an international movement. ‘Every surfer in every surfing community has the opportunity to know and follow Jesus.’

My second session was about the simple gospel, about being aware of a changing environment here in Australia, where society might be preaching a message of the irrelevance of Christianity but individually people are seeking, many knowing that there must be ‘more than this’. I challenged us to not be intimidated by culture but to come back sharing the simplicity of the gospel and stripping away the superficial.

My last session, ‘I will go’ really looked at not allowing our circumstances to prevent us sharing the gospel but rather seeing the importance of our daily lives in providing opportunities to share the love of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For me the Sunday dawn service and baptisms were a highlight and such a powerful proclamation.

Bless ya. Mark J.

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Over the recent Easter break i had the opportunity to get along to my first National Gathering for CS Aus hosted this year by the Vic crew down at Phillip Island. I’d heard a lot of good things, but still being relatively new to the CS scene, was keen to find out for myself what the big event was all about. I wasn’t let down! Things kicked off on a high on the Thursday as I arrived at camp and Tommie Pipella (CS Vic) and i reconnected and zipped over to Flyns for a super fun session with a handful of the CS crew. But it just got better with amazing workship led by Lucasand Ash B, some great times of fellowship and in particular being able to hear how God was using CS right around the county to reach surfers. The big take-home was of course being challenged to “Own it” by Mark “jono” Johnstone as he encouraged us and me on a personal level to be bold in sharing the gospel back home here in Tassie. All in all a great event and one that’s left me pumped for the year ahead and seeing God work through our local hub.

- Josh Phillips

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Tassie Crew at NG19

Tassie Crew at NG19