Q+A with Misty Foster


Who are you and where are you from?
Misty from Gold Coast Christian Surfers

How did you first get involved with Christian Surfers and what is your role now?

I first heard about Christian Surfers through family friends when I was 14 years old. I was invited along to a camp I think? To be honest I don’t know what my first event was. I pretty much went to every event after that. My current role is a spoke leader of our CS Goldy hub. I run our CS Girls spoke and help out with our monthly hub events. I also have the privilege of being part of the team who post on the CS Girls social media.

How has Christian Surfers made a difference in your life?
Christian Surfers has made a huge impact on my life. I often get asked to explain Christian Surfers to people and I can only say it is like one huge crazy, frothing, culture changing, God loving family. When I was a grom it was a place to hang out, be crazy and grow in my faith surrounded by amazing mentors and leaders. I was completely shaped by those legends into the person I am now. At high school it was considered normal to drink, do drugs and hook up with people and I had a lot of friends who were very into that. I had already reaffirmed that I was going to follow God in my first year of high school so I wasn’t into the same things my friends were and that was hard. They didn’t get it. So having Christian Surfers to go to every Thursday night was my escape from that. I got to hang out with the raddest people who loved God and surfing and were crazy fun. As an adult it is how I serve God and am so blessed to be part of it. All my favourite humans I have met through Christian Surfers.

What do you value about CS Girls?
The genuineness! CS Girls are real and fun and love God and adventure. Lots of laughter too. I love that we can be a part of a movement that speaks genuine encouragement and love into each other’s lives. And the girls that are part of our CS family seek to build each other up and share God’s love and truth with more girls. The girls surfing culture is hectic. Either its competing and comparing with each other or trying to prove yourself that you can be as good as one of the guys. CS Girls is the opposite of that. We are there to love on each other and just hang out and laugh. But also help each other grow closer to God.

What would you say to encourage girls who are keen to be involved in Christian Surfers?
Do it!!! Come join us up on the Gold Coast! We would be stoked to have more girls join!!!


Q + A with Claudia Johnston

Who are you, and where are you from?

Claudia Johnston. From Avoca, Central Coast though moved to Currumbin, Gold Coast four years ago.


How did you first get involved in Christian Surfers, and what is your role now?

I first became involved in Christian Surfers through beginning a CS family in Kingscliff North NSW, along with two other friends. We all had the same passion to use our love for surfing to spread the word of God and CS provided us with great support and network to make that happen.

Now, I have migrated 30 minutes North to the CS Gold Coast family, which have also become a big part of my life.


I am also a Christian Surfer Girls Instagram contributor, which provides the best platform to draw in and speak to girls all around the world. I am very grateful for that opportunity.


How has Christian Surfers made a difference in your life?

The Christian Surfers Community I am now apart of have taken me in so openly and lovingly. Through the kindness of all members, I have truly felt Gods spirit speak to me and hold me accountable to seeking truth. As a surfer, His Divine presence surrounds me in the ocean and being a part of a community which celebrates that alongside me, I have seen how easy it is to use surfing as an opportunity to show others love and light.


What do you value about CS Girls?

CS Girls has really helped me to mentor and be mentored. As a 19 y/o, I have truly valued and loved speaking to, adventuring with, and hearing the words of the other female leaders and surfers in CS. The characteristics of Christ shine through the hearts of the all the girls who I have met. And wisdom, She is shared and seen through the interactions, devotions and words shared by the beautiful CS female leaders, which I appreciate.


What would you say, to encourage girls who are keen to be involved in Christian Surfers?

If there are any girls out there who are considering joining the CS Family, know that the community will love and cherish you, build you to be a better Christian, and make your surfs much more fun! And we can unite together to spread the love of God to all the other surfy souls who have not yet found Him.



Photo: @samuellowtherphoto

Photo: @samuellowtherphoto

Q. Where do you live & what's your local surf break / community?

Coolum Beach, Sunshine Coast 

Q. Any recent significant relationship / family news?

Zoe our 5 years old daughter has started prep at a local school and is enjoying it. Kai has been in good health and loves burning around the local skatepark. 

Q. What do you love about being a Regional Coordinator in CS?

Having influence on the lives of Cs leaders and watching them grow into their God-given potential.

Q. How have you grown as a leader in your time within CS?

I have grown in my confidence and ability to lead people in a servant hearted yet influential way. 

Q. What importance do you place on leadership within CS in your region?

Leadership has a high value in our region. Without leaders who are passionate and competent we would never fulfil our mission. Developing leaders within our region has been a key strategy. 

Q. What challenges do you face in your role?

Time and resources. Not have the required finances and also juggling life’s responsibility and other work commitments can make our role as regional coordinators quite challenging.

Q. What are your current hopes and dreams for 2019 and beyond? 

Our dream is to have more thriving hubs established along the QLD coast. Our hope if that we know Christ intimately in our own lives and make him know in the lives of other QLD surfers. 

Q. For those that would like to support you and your role - what do you need and how would their support make a difference? 

  • $5000 for our personal travel and conference expenses.

  • $5000 for our region to purchase more beach equipment such as beach shades and hospitality equipment.

  • $10,000 for equipping our leaders with first aid training, surf coaching and judging and also to contribute to 5 leaders heading to new swell. 


If you’d like to connect more with Rob & Cat about supporting CS QLD pls contact:

Email: robandcat@christiansurfers.org.au

Phone: 0405828907


When I was first told the theme of conference (Own it) I took some time to think about how this looks. The three topics that came out of my pondering on “Own it” were

Beginnings: both CS and personal

Simple Gospel

I will go

I wanted to focus intentionally on the beginnings of our personal faith as Easter is a great time to reflect on this. The beginnings of CS in Australia is a great testimony of God stirring a small group of late teens to embark out to form CS. The desire is wonderful and truly inspiring. Today CS is an international movement. ‘Every surfer in every surfing community has the opportunity to know and follow Jesus.’

My second session was about the simple gospel, about being aware of a changing environment here in Australia, where society might be preaching a message of the irrelevance of Christianity but individually people are seeking, many knowing that there must be ‘more than this’. I challenged us to not be intimidated by culture but to come back sharing the simplicity of the gospel and stripping away the superficial.

My last session, ‘I will go’ really looked at not allowing our circumstances to prevent us sharing the gospel but rather seeing the importance of our daily lives in providing opportunities to share the love of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

For me the Sunday dawn service and baptisms were a highlight and such a powerful proclamation.

Bless ya. Mark J.

Screen Shot 2019-05-11 at 11.16.02 am.png


National Gathering 2019, what a time to be alive. This was my first year to conference and it was such an incredible experience. To be encouraged by some of the most faith filled frothers on a daily basis was such a highlight, backed by some powerfully raw (off script) teachings. It has without a doubt inspired me and spurred me on for what incredible works God has in store for the Sunshine Coast and greater CSA community in 2019! A huge thanks to all that made it happen & all that made it the experience that it was. 

QLD Crew at NG19

QLD Crew at NG19