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‘CSalt media is a one year screen and media course run by world renowned film maker Peter John (Epik films). Peter has been nominated for 3 consecutive ‘Dove’ awards and boasts over a 100 million views of his films worldwide. In 2019 he is teaching a dynamic new media course in partnership with CSalt called CSalt media.  In CSalt media students will learn all the basics,  the intermediate fundamentals and skills in all things screen and media. Most importantly CSalt media focuses on developing students creative and business confidence to be able to either freelance or start their own business.

CSalt media is a skills and character developing course which uses mentoring as a training tool whilst giving constant professional feedback from a professional who believes in making films with integrity. Peter has been traveling the world making films  for the past 20 years with his own company ‘Epik films’ developing and creating content for exceptional artists, businesses, musicians, elite athletes, surfers and organisations.

In CSalt media rather than putting the main emphasis on gear and tech which is what most tafe’s and universities do this course focuses on creating content that matters for people that care. Content that engages people helps people and moves people.

If you want to make a creative difference take on the challenge that is CSalt media! 

For more details email course director Lucas Bartlett.

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CSalt Explained

Csalt is a one year journey that will alter the course of your lifetime. The journey is walked out with amazing fully accredited learning and taught also through adventure and experience. 

CSalt students will be enrolled in a “Certificate 4 in Ministry and Theology” at Eastern College Australia. Here you will have your studies facilitated through an online classroom taught and supported by Lucas and Ashleigh Bartlett (CSalt coordinators). 

Throughout the year you will be joined many great teachers, thinkers and missionaries from around the world ready to challenge and grow you into the mighty young men and woman of God you were destined to be.

Alongside your course work at Eastern College Australia you will be putting your studies into practice in a local Christian Surfers Australia placement of your choice. 

This could be helping run a comp, camp or cook-up! Really whatever you feel called too. You will each be assigned a mentor from among the Christian Surfers Australia national team and will engage in a classroom discussion on a weekly basis with the CSalt Coordinator mapping the progress of your journey. 

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 7.31.48 pm.png

As amazing as this all sounds the main event is our CSalt “Road Trips”. Here students come together from all over the country to several amazing locations both interstate and international and simply do life. Here the education is done on the road through meeting leaders and missionaries well seasoned by their lives in surf ministry. You will have a chance to share the love of Jesus to the many surfing communities from around the world including New Zealand and Indonesia. 


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Prospectus and Calendar 2019

Proposed locations for CSalt “Road Trips” 2019 are: 

  •  Phillip Island and Torquay (Victoria) ‘National Gathering and New Swell 2019’ 

  • New Zealand (Raglan, Taranaki; and Gisbon)

  • Indonesia (Rote, Bali)

  • Crescent Head (Northern NSW)

  • Ulladulla (Southern NSW)

 (Please see prospectus and calendar for dates) 

Fees and fine print: 

As a CSalt student you will be enrolled also as a student of Eastern College Australia in a Certificate 4 in Ministry and Theology. 

This course is an accredited at a VET level. FEE-HELP may be available to cover tuition fees for enrolled students of Eastern College Australia providing they meet eligibility criteria as the course is deemed full time.  

The cost for the entire CSalt course is $8500, this covers:

  • Cert 4 tuition

  • CSA National Gathering costs

  • New Swell costs

  • Accommodation, food and transport whilst on CSalt Road Trip

  • All administration to keep the official stuff ticking over. 

Please note: fee’s do not include your travel too or from the ‘Road trip’ destinations these cost will be incurred by the student.

As an enrolled student you may also be entitled to either Youth Allowance or Austudy depending on your current life circumstances. 

 To help with the financial cost of CSalt the course facilitator will distribute a personal support-raising package that will help students approach their local church or CS mission with an invitation to financially partner with them for the duration of the course. 

Students will also be encouraged to work part-time whilst not away with official CSalt events. 

Weekly classes 

Friday is class day and students will all log on from 9:30am – 12:30pm and join their class mates in the CSalt online classroom. This can be done at the local church or CS office, or even at the kitchen table; anywhere there is Internet access and a comfy seat. Students will be able to interact with one another and many guest speakers during this time so their learning is dynamic and never the same as the week before. 

Lucas or Ash will also be available by appointment throughout the week for student support.

Weekly Placement 

CSalt students will be taking their learning to the beach as they volunteer for one weekly event at their local CS mission. This is called their placement. It gives the CSalt student an opportunity to not only learn in theory in the classroom or through stories on our CSalt road trips but to learn in practice whilst getting opportunities to interact with surfers on a weekly basis. 

The placement can really be anything CS related. A bible study, contest, a regular camp or even dragging some grom’s out to be part of a soup kitchen. The placement can be discussed and mutually decided on with the CSalt facilitator and the mission coordinator of the students local mission. 

Regional Placement 

CSalt students will be expected to attend any regional events that don’t conflict with their ‘Road trips’. The idea is to have a chance to learn from experience the further responsibility and commitment that comes with being a regional leader. These may take the form of a regional camp or a regional training day. 

 Road Trips

  •  Road trip 1. New Zealand 18th Feb- 28th of Feb 2019 

For your first adventure CSalt students will be going international as we all board a big jet plane and fly to Aotearoa New Zealand the land of the long white cloud and the long left point break. Here will meet up with our kiwi brother Logan Mills who is the National Director for Christian Surfers NZ and board a bus headed for the trip of a lifetime. 

 The plan is to circumnavigate the North Island hitting amazing surf spots like Raglan, Taranaki and Gisbon. Along the way we will meet many new friends and have opportunities to serve our CS family on their own soil. We will also have teaching from pastor JD on cultural intelligence, our own inward journey and outward expression of faith. CSalt students will be meeting in Melbourne on the 28th to go through an orientation of their course work at Eastern College before they all fly out to New Zealand the next day.

  • Road Trip 2 Victoria (Phillip Island and Torquay) - 18th April – 28th April 2019


On road trip two you will get to see the Christian Surfers community at their finest as they all gather at Phillip Island for the CSA National Gathering! Here you join 200 other Christian surfers as they worship God and learn from great teachers and leaders of Christian Surfers.

After conference you will have a lay day on the Island before the official road trip begins. On the Island you will enjoy endless beach breaks and long rocky points protected from the sea breeze amidst rugged coastline and about a million different species of birds and animals. We will spend a few more days seeing the sites then we head off down the Great Ocean Rd via Bells Beach, the Twelve Apostles and many other iconic locations. 

 Road Trip two will also be a great opportunity for us to go through CSalt course work and also spend some time with or National director and his wife Steve and Kath Bailey and some of the other Regional coordinators. 

  • Road Trip 3 Rote (Indonesia) 16th July- 25th July 2019

Screen Shot 2018-11-22 at 7.33.07 pm.png

This trip for the CSalt class of 2018 was an absolute highlight and has solidified its self as the pinnacle of the CSalt calendar. For our third road trip students will be shaking off the icicles of winter and jetting off to enjoy 28 degree water, beautiful sunshine everyday and waves that make your eye balls do a dance around your knees!

Rote is located approximately 390 miles North of Darwin in Indonesia’s west Timor region. It is a small Island that is predominantly Christian and enjoys all of the benefits of rural and village life with a lot to teach us Aussies about our priorities. 

On the west coast live some very close friends of CS Matt and Nat Thistlewait and their three kids who have set up a surf camp called Rote Island huts. These aren’t your typical touristy beach huts. The purpose of the Rote beach huts is to create employment opportunities for the locals whilst training and educating them in hospitality and tourism. This is in the hope that the local people can protect their culture and their rights to prosper from their work as tourism becomes a big thing in their small neck of the woods. Proceeds from the Rote Island huts also go towards the local school, hospital and orphanage. Rote Island huts and the Mercy huts foundation is a partner of Christian surfers compassionate arm Groundswell Aid.

Aside from being a great cause Rote is also home to an epic long fun left hander known as T land. It has racy barrel sections and big wall sections so there is something for everyone. There are a heap of other great waves around the place so I can promise you it will be a trip to remember.

  • Road Trip 4 Crescent Head (NSW) 16th September- 26th September 2019

 Our fourth roady is to beautiful Crescent head on the North coast of NSW. Here the waves a playful and glassy and there is a perfect mix of point breaks and beachies. 

We will be staying on the famous “Browns farm” well famous in CS circles. Its on about 50 acres of paddocks and woodlands and set up as the perfect surf shack retreat. There are pretty good beaches over the back fence and more just up the road.

 On this road trip we will do a few 4X4 trips to both Queens head and Hungry head these locations are a real treat and a fair way off the grid so quiet an adventure to get too! 

  • New Swell Victoria December 1st - 15th Dec 2018 

 For the first half of road trip five our CSalt students will be on deck in Victoria for ‘New Swell’ our national junior leadership training week. Jessi Muir a graduate of the CS Vic internship 2017 and Christian Surfers Australia National Woman’s Coordinator facilitates the New Swell program. Brad Kermond is the other facilitator and he is the CS Tasmania fieldworker.   

 New Swell gathers all of the new up and coming leaders from around the country and gives them a weeklong adventure of a lifetime. It’s also a great way for the CSalt interns to put into practice all they have learned about leadership and serving the new crop of leaders and hopefully potential CSalt students for the next year. 

 At New Swell we will also have a special graduation ceremony for our students of 2018. I’m sure dancing around a fire and op shop clothes will be a definite.

 The last half of road trip five finds us on the beautiful South Coast at surfing Eldorado Ulladulla. Here we will spend time together chilling and reminiscing on the incredible year we have experienced.  There will be nothing more on the agenda than lapping up the final moments of what we all hope will be a year that will change your life… Oh and we’ll get the odd surf in too!

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CSalt students will be enrolled in a ‘Diploma of Arts’ specialising in ‘Community Development’ through Eastern College Australia. Here you will have your studies facilitated through an online classroom and supported by faculty staff and student support specialists.

This one year Diploma in Arts can form the first year of a Bachelor of Arts course at Eastern College Australia or a pathway into a Bachelor of Education at Eastern.