CSalt Media


‘CSalt media is a one year screen and media course run by world renowned film maker Peter John (Epik films). Peter has been nominated for 3 consecutive ‘Dove’ awards and boasts over a 100 million views of his films worldwide. In 2019 he is teaching a dynamic new media course in partnership with CSalt called CSalt media.  In CSalt media students will learn all the basics,  the intermediate fundamentals and skills in all things screen and media. Most importantly CSalt media focuses on developing students creative and business confidence to be able to either freelance or start their own business.

CSalt media is a skills and character developing course which uses mentoring as a training tool whilst giving constant professional feedback from a professional who believes in making films with integrity. Peter has been traveling the world making films  for the past 20 years with his own company ‘Epik films’ developing and creating content for exceptional artists, businesses, musicians, elite athletes, surfers and organisations.

In CSalt media rather than putting the main emphasis on gear and tech which is what most tafe’s and universities do this course focuses on creating content that matters for people that care. Content that engages people helps people and moves people.

If you want to make a creative difference take on the challenge that is CSalt media! 

For more details email course director Lucas Bartlett.

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