CSalt Explained

Csalt is a one year journey that will alter the course of your lifetime. The journey is walked out with amazing fully accredited learning and taught also through adventure and experience. 

CSalt students will be enrolled in a “Certificate 4 in Ministry and Theology” at Eastern College Australia. Here you will have your studies facilitated through an online classroom taught and supported by Lucas and Ashleigh Bartlett (CSalt coordinators). 

Throughout the year you will be joined many great teachers, thinkers and missionaries from around the world ready to challenge and grow you into the mighty young men and woman of God you were destined to be.

Alongside your course work at Eastern College Australia you will be putting your studies into practice in a local Christian Surfers Australia placement of your choice. 

This could be helping run a comp, camp or cook-up! Really whatever you feel called too. You will each be assigned a mentor from among the Christian Surfers Australia national team and will engage in a classroom discussion on a weekly basis with the CSalt Coordinator mapping the progress of your journey. 

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As amazing as this all sounds the main event is our CSalt “Road Trips”. Here students come together from all over the country to several amazing locations both interstate and international and simply do life. Here the education is done on the road through meeting leaders and missionaries well seasoned by their lives in surf ministry. You will have a chance to share the love of Jesus to the many surfing communities from around the world including New Zealand and Indonesia. 


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