Q+A with Misty Foster


Who are you and where are you from?
Misty from Gold Coast Christian Surfers

How did you first get involved with Christian Surfers and what is your role now?

I first heard about Christian Surfers through family friends when I was 14 years old. I was invited along to a camp I think? To be honest I don’t know what my first event was. I pretty much went to every event after that. My current role is a spoke leader of our CS Goldy hub. I run our CS Girls spoke and help out with our monthly hub events. I also have the privilege of being part of the team who post on the CS Girls social media.

How has Christian Surfers made a difference in your life?
Christian Surfers has made a huge impact on my life. I often get asked to explain Christian Surfers to people and I can only say it is like one huge crazy, frothing, culture changing, God loving family. When I was a grom it was a place to hang out, be crazy and grow in my faith surrounded by amazing mentors and leaders. I was completely shaped by those legends into the person I am now. At high school it was considered normal to drink, do drugs and hook up with people and I had a lot of friends who were very into that. I had already reaffirmed that I was going to follow God in my first year of high school so I wasn’t into the same things my friends were and that was hard. They didn’t get it. So having Christian Surfers to go to every Thursday night was my escape from that. I got to hang out with the raddest people who loved God and surfing and were crazy fun. As an adult it is how I serve God and am so blessed to be part of it. All my favourite humans I have met through Christian Surfers.

What do you value about CS Girls?
The genuineness! CS Girls are real and fun and love God and adventure. Lots of laughter too. I love that we can be a part of a movement that speaks genuine encouragement and love into each other’s lives. And the girls that are part of our CS family seek to build each other up and share God’s love and truth with more girls. The girls surfing culture is hectic. Either its competing and comparing with each other or trying to prove yourself that you can be as good as one of the guys. CS Girls is the opposite of that. We are there to love on each other and just hang out and laugh. But also help each other grow closer to God.

What would you say to encourage girls who are keen to be involved in Christian Surfers?
Do it!!! Come join us up on the Gold Coast! We would be stoked to have more girls join!!!